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Providence Pantry Freeze-Dried Foods

Whole Milk

Whole Milk

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Magic White Powder!! Have you ever heard of it?

Wondered how magical this stuff is? One of our lifetime goals was to purchase a freeze dryer to make and preserve our own foods. We also want to share our stuff with others. We want to share our lifestyle as well. 

Milk is one of many staple foods we should be storing back in our homes; but how do you store back milk without it going bad? Or find space to keep it in your freezer?

We have you covered!! And it has been a game changer for our family to have this on hand- not just for long term prepping, but also those "in a pinch" moments when you need some milk and don't have any at home.

While this part is confusing- the reconstitution rate of magical white powder to water- DEPENDS on you and whether you want a full fat milk or a reduced fat milk. So, being that we LOVE full fat milk we would use 1/2Cup powder : 1 Cup water and just stir with whisk, until all powder is dissolved. For less fat- Use a 1:1 ratio

Use your discretion


Resealable Mylar bags

Shipping & Returns

Shipping can take up to 3-5 business days to be delivered

No refunds on ALL products


Small bag 4x6

Lg bag 5x8

Care Instructions

Remember anything freeze-dried can easily be reconstituted just by adding moisture.

Make sure to use dry hands when reaching into the Mylar bags to avoid spoiling the whole bag.

Once bag is opened-Simple push all air out and make sure bag is sealed back all the way.

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