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Providence Pantry Freeze-Dried Foods

Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy

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Are you a fan of taffy candy but looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy it? Try freeze-dried taffy! Freeze-drying removes the moisture from the candy, resulting in a unique, crunchy texture and intensified flavors. In this product description, we'll take a closer look at freeze-dried taffy and its benefits.


The freeze-drying process gives taffy a unique texture that is different from the chewy, sticky texture of regular taffy. Freeze-dried taffy has a light and airy crunch that melts in your mouth, giving you a satisfying experience with every bite.


Resealable Mylar bags

Shipping & Returns

Shipping can take up to 3-5 business days to be delivered

No refunds on ALL products


Small bag 4x6

Lg bag 5x8

Care Instructions

Remember anything freeze-dried can easily be reconstituted just by adding moisture.

Make sure to use dry hands when reaching into the Mylar bags to avoid spoiling the whole bag.

Once bag is opened-Simple push all air out and make sure bag is sealed back all the way.

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