Collection: Breast Milk-SERVICE


You’ve worked hard, lost sleep and put your nipples through the wringer for your breastmilk, now let’s make it last as long as possible so you never waste a drop.

We have want to offer a service for you breastfeeding mothers to help you preserve your milk long term. 

Invest in Your Babe’s Health, for Life

Freeze drying your breastmilk is an investment in your babe’s health. Studies show that the long term benefits of babies and children given breastmilk are:

  • Higher IQs, memory and lowered risk of ADD & ADHD
  • Lower rates of dental cavities
  • Lower rates of ear and throat infections
  • Better digestive health
    • Lower rates of GI issues (constipation, diarrhea, reflux, bloating and gas)
  • Lower rates of food sensitivities and allergies
  • Lower rates of asthma
  • Lower rates of skin issues (eczema, psoriasis and dryness)
  • Lower rates of overall illnesses such as obesity, Celiac Disease, and Type I and Type II diabetes

Breast milk comes out in this beautiful white snow powder that is easily reconstituted just by adding it to your bottle of water.